Thursday, June 24, 2010


Let's go out back and sit a while. The roof will keep things nice and shady.

And we can always put the ceiling fan on if it gets too hot.

Would you like to sit on the old wicker chair? My dad tells me it's about 75 years old.

Or maybe you'd rather sit at the table with a cool drink.

But then again, swinging's always nice!

It's all good.


(here is more information about the pictures. First of all, yes, I am in the process of painting the back of the house. You can see how far along it is in the first picture.

The little buffet was actually serving as the kitchen island when we moved in. There is a "Hoosier-y" but not Hoosier piece in our kitchen that matched the buffet until I painted it white. I like it white....a LOT.

The patio floor is cement. It had a faux brick pattern on it that power washed off. A future project.

That's trumpet vine over the swing and gnarled around the one post. It's great, except for the invasiveness. Hubby and I think that if the yard was let go for a few months, you'd have to hack your way through it with a machete.

You can see the garage behind the swing. The original 2 car garage is behind this 2 car addition on the front. My daughter helped me paint it last year.)

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Shona Martinez said...

I’d choose swinging to cool off myself during extreme heat. It’s nice that you have a swing in your patio. That’s absolutely perfect for hot days. Plus, the trumpet vine also adds a cooling atmosphere to the area. ->Shona Martinez