Saturday, June 26, 2010

Views from the Hammock

I was drinking my coffee this morning in the hammock swing. It's a little tricky, but I didn't spill any.

The sunporch is right next to this little deck.

The sun was in the top of the trees. It is so wonderful that the sun comes up every day. The same way, the same place.

The trumpet vine is blooming. I see that it needs to get cut back off the garage roof again.

Just look. The trees and leaves make a beautiful screen, leafy bower, privacy fence.

I am overwhelmed with the beauty of the morning and season. The creation glorifying its Creator.

A glorious day.



Vee said...

Oh I'd have had that coffee all over the place. You did very well! Your backyard looks so lush and green and very private...a "Secret Garden" if you will.

Carol said...

Thanks, Vee! I was pretty tickled that I didn't spill any coffee. I spill it on myself regularly just sitting on a chair!