Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Details

Looking at things, little things that make up the big picture. I can get lost in them. Like the side door to the garage.

Or a little old tea pot that sits on a side table.

Or the rooster on the hutch. A cheap find at Big Lots, but I like how he looks here.

Four tea lights lined up on a railing. They give off a romantic glow after dark.

The old birdhouse left behind by the previous owners. I slapped on a single coat of white paint after I attached it to the tree. I took off the ivy leaves that had white paint on them for the photo!

Mister and I found this little statue at a beautiful antiques shop one weekend. It was out in the garden, but started with the rusting, which is ok, but I keep it under roof now.

Beautiful, beautiful day lilies. I cannot ever get enough of them.

It's a rainy kind of dreary day today. Good for weeding. Or reading.

Hope you have a wonderful one!


1 comment:

Vee said...

Hi Carol! I can get lost looking at details, too. I love your garage door...it's darling! Your "tea pot" is actually a vintage 1940s-ish water carafe. (I'm pretty sure that is.) Check to see if it has a corked lining on the stopper.