Monday, July 5, 2010

Dream House

You know that mental image you have, of your dream house? The one you'd like to live in forever?

My image was that of a little old, white shingled farmhouse. With old fashioned flowers in the garden.

Of course it would have a front porch.

This house was white, at least the remaining paint on it was white when I first saw it. (this article reversed the picture of our house, in publication. Our house is pictured, and described as the "real thing, Queen Anne, although not in mint condition".)

Next, it was a pale green, with darker green trim and red windows.

After four years of putting our mark on it....this is my dream house.

With lots of ongoing projects.

Love it!



mariondee-designs said...

HI Carol, yep, it's me again but just wanted to tell you I LOVE your home! It's amazing! You have done so much to it. Isn't it great to be in your dream home. I love my home too but not long ago drove past a house not far from where I live that I would love to own! I did a post on it not long ago. bye for now, Maryann

Dawn said...

how fun to hear the story!

Jane said...

How wonderful to live in a home with such a rich history! You have it shining like the gem it must have been when it was first built. Just looks TERRIFIC, Carol....TERRIFIC!!!

daisy said...

Wow! How blessed are you???!!! Love your house!

Rosemary Thornton said...

You may want to join our facebook gruop, "Sears Homes."

I suspect that your house is either a Harris Brothers kit home, or from Montgomery Ward.

It's close to a Sears Maywood, but the turret is wrong. The HB/MW version of this house has that same funky turret, as your house has.

BTW, you've done a lovely job on the restoration.

Rosemary Thornton
author, The Houses That Sears Built
author, The Mail-Order Homes of Montgomery Ward

Armandina Skerl said...

This is a wonderful house! I’m happy that you were able to purchase your dream house! How were you able to find this one? After two years, I’m sure that all the renovations are done already. Why don’t you post pictures of your house? Thanks!

-Armandina Skerl

Carmen Monrovia said...

Like you, I have a clear idea of what my dream house is. Just the thinking of it excites me and inspires me to work hard so that I’ll be able to bring my dream home into a reality! Anyway, it’s a big achievement to be able to purchase your dream home. Congrats!

-Carmen Monrovia

Anonymous said...

“You know that mental image you have, of your dream house? The one you'd like to live in forever?” -- After reading this statement, I started to imagine the dream house that I had in mind before. Yes, before. My dream house turned out to be a bit different from the house that I have today. Well, it’s because I now have my own family. ;) And of course, it’s normal for a person to change his/her preferences. Most likely, our home preferences will also depend on the lifestyle that we have.

Sara Owens