Friday, July 16, 2010

Found Things

Here are some things that I have found, and enjoy every day. Now, let me clarify, all these things were free, by the curb, discarded somewhere until I found them and took them in.

First in the line-up is this very sturdy and wonderfully chippy bench. A few years ago, we were tubing, and I found this under the water, totally waterlogged, where we parked to start down the creek. I was so delighted! Mister nodded understandingly, and perhaps in a little bit of a superior manner, but he let me haul it out and put it in the car. A few days of drying out, and it is sturdy and strong!

The first home I owned was......another Sears kit home! Didn't know it til we moved in. Anyway, the backyard was apparently used as a dumping ground. When I dug up an area for a garden, I found many bottles. Here are a few. I also found a buried cement pond that I later turned back into a pond.

We found this old Singer sewing machine, along with 3 others in the 2nd floor of our current garage. I'll share the other things we found with it in another post.

This would be one of my all time favorite finds. I found this hose nozzle when digging up the aforementioned garden. It works great. We have had several other hose nozzles in the last few years - they have not lasted. This one has, even after years underground.

Do you have wonderful things that you have found? Great discoveries!


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