Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Isaac means laughter. That's how you got your name. You have such a stable temperament and love everyone. You're the first purebred dog I've ever had.

But you are getting old. You'll be 11 years old soon. I saw you stumble on the steps this morning.

Not to worry. You have a great doctor. And poodles and dachshunds are the longest living dog breeds.

You sure are food motivated, though. I think you'd sell your soul for a piece of wilted lettuce. You're always there at mealtime, to breathe on us and hope for a scrap of food, rarely offered.

Even at your age, we can't leave out paper or books. You like to eat them. And we have to use the invisible fence remote indoors to keep you out of Chickie's bathroom. You don't have much discretion in what you are willing to ingest.

You have a great big nose but such spindly legs. Sometimes your face looks like a black version of Sesame Street's Big Bird. And your legs, long and skinny, like furry flexible twigs.

One thing I know......even when it doesn't work out that way....you always TRY to be a good dog. And that counts for a lot. And we'd sure miss you if you weren't here.




bj said...

So so glad you came by my place so I could find my way to YOUR place..:)

Really cute dog! And, I can tell you sure love him. That's a GOOD thing.

I am following now so I'll come back and I hope to find some photos of your Sears kit home. How cool !!
xo bj

~~Carol~~ said...

It's pretty obvious that Isaac is very well loved! I want a dog so badly, but it would have to be a hypo-allergenic one, because our daughter is allergic to cats and dogs. Hubby doesn't want one, but I NEED one!

Maleviks Rosenträdgård said...