Sunday, July 25, 2010

Original Light Fixtures

Most of our original light fixtures remain in our 101 year old home. When we had the house re-wired a few years ago, the wonderful electrician cleaned, polished and rewired the fixtures, too!
Here is the light in the foyer, by the front entrance.

This light hangs in the living room.

Mister wanted to replace the shades, so I took one down, cleaned it up and showed him the lovely detail. These shades stay.

Upstairs hall. This fixture was in the dining room when we moved in. It doesn't provide enough light in the dining room, so we moved it upstairs.

The last 3 lights are the sconces from the 3 original bedrooms. The original bathroom has a similar fixture.

This is Chickie's bedroom. (note stuff taped to the wall, purple paint)

So, no big fancy fixtures, but they are lovely, nonetheless. Someday I will have a sparkly chandy to hang in our dining room.

Have a splendid day!


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