Saturday, July 10, 2010

Treasures from Mister

Isn't this a beautiful cakesafe? Mister found it at Marshalls and brought it home to me.

This little greenhouse was a Christmas gift, as was the cloche to the right. The greenhouse has a copper floor.

We were at a beautiful old farm where they made crafts from old things. This was an old thing. Mister made sure we got it.

He found the jadeite bowl at Tuesday Morning for $7!

I love Fiestaware and had some red place settings. He knows my favorite color is yellow, so I got another Christmas gift!

And this...well this is my most treasured treasure from my dear hubby. We had our wedding bands when we married, but found the engagement ring at a shop that carried items from estate sales. It dates from the 1930's. I sit and look and marvel at it's beauty every day. It's so me.

Thanks, Mister! I love you!


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