Monday, August 16, 2010

Every Morning

I love getting up each morning in my old house. When I wake up, I smell coffee brewing. Mister sets it all up the night before. I get out of bed, and see this new (old,thrifted) vanity in my room. (also note: thrifted lamps, footed candy bowl)

I walk to the stairs. I like the view of the upstairs hall. See the closed door? That's Chickie's room. Everything you see except for the table in the hallway was free or thrifted.

I start down the stairs. The colors are welcoming and homey. Oh look, there's Clarence at the bottom of the steps coming up to see me. One of my best thrifted (free) finds - Clarence!

At the bottom of the stairs, the living room greets me. The piecrust table between the 2 chairs was my first ever thrifted purchase. Back in the '80s. I was hooked!

Now we're getting closer to the coffee! In the kitchen!

Should I have peaches with my granola this morning? No, wait.....I'm headed for coffee first! (all the pieces you see on the hutch? thrifted....or free)

There's the coffeemaker!

And my ($2.99) that's what I'm looking for!

Have a wonderful and thrifty, cozy, homey day!


I'm joining Linda at Coastal Charm for Nifty Thrify Tuesdays today!


GoodyGirlRed said...

Fun post--I'm happy to have found you!

Vee said...

Oh that's how it is here, minus the beautiful big rooms and the lovely staircase, and all those thrifty finds. Cute post!

Sandy said...

I need to read more of your blog.. fascinated with your "Sears Kit Home".... I'd love to see one in real life..How old it it and do you have history on it?
Nice story of your wake up!

TinaTx said...

Loved the tour! I pretty much stumble to the coffee pot in the mornings (hubby has it ready since he gets up before me) glad I don't have to navigate stairs to get to mine!