Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Morning Musings of a Cat Lady

It's a quiet morning around here. Kind of overcast.

I can tell it's August. The bug song has changed a bit - crickets getting louder, katydids still doing their thing, locusts sound busy. And band practice for the high school has started - early morning to late at night.

I see the darker, mature, rich green of late summer.

After I watered the plants, I came inside for a coffee refill. As I stood in the kitchen, I noticed something. Or rather, some things. This one was yelling for his morning mousey play time. Now the new kitten monopolizes the toys, so this one has to share. Toys can only be out with human supervision, or the dog will eat them.

This one was in the kitchen, too. When I was watering this morning, several of them were watching from the French door, through the screen. I heard some scratching as this one was climbing the screen, and when I looked, it looked like a sock had been flung down from the ceiling as he launched himself off the top of the screen to get down. Lots of times these little boys come up with great ideas to try out. And although they have great enthusiasm for these half-baked schemes, they don't think about how they might end. Methinks it's time for a nail trim.

This one was observing. Usually wherever I am in the house, I have a few followers.

Then I started looking around me a little more. There seemed to be a theme going on. Just from where I was standing. I saw this,

and this cookie jar,


and this. I picked this up years ago at an antiques mall and always hang it where I can see it every day.

Oh, and then, there was this, (in our last house, this was on a low shelf. "Someone" knocked it down, an ear broke off, which made for an excellent hockey puck that was never seen again.)

this, (a nice wine. Mister bought it for the label.....)



and this, summing it up. Cats are like potato chips. You can't have just one.

Or another credo of mine, Cats are furry, cats are fun. I think I'll have another one!

Wishing you a beautiful and lovely August day!


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Vee said...

Well you certainly are a cat lover and it shows... Yes, the bug song has changed now that you mention it.