Tuesday, August 31, 2010

White is All Around Me

I love color. I really do. But something about this chippy Christmas ornament drew me. So much, that I display it year round in my kitchen.

This ornament, same story as above. I got them for Mister for Christmas, but, well... it worked out this way, instead. This one has a great coiled spring design to hang it by.

I'm not sure where we got this little Christmas tree, but it is so darling, that I must keep it out all year, as well.

Milk glass is so lovely. This vase belonged to my maternal grandmother.

Not strictly white, but white is the background color. I still remember Chickie in this dress. She was crawling by then. It was so comfy and cute for her. She got a lot of wear out of this one!

The edging on this doily/dresser scarf is so beautiful. And so wonderfully white and old.

Okay, so you have to look a little harder to find the white here, but it's here! Look under kitten Clarence's chin. See it?

Have a wonderful, chippy, White Wednesday!


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Vee said...

Glad to find someone else who still has out some Christmas things...Christmas can never be neatly packed up in a box and put away. You saved Chickie's outfit? You are sentimental. (I've got a few things like that, too. :D )

Olive Cooper said...

Sometimes I just cannot find another white object, flower or piece of furniture to post about. Then one turns up. I see you found several lovlies. I especially like the birdhouse. hugs♥olive

Work-Boy said...

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Harmony said...

you have a great collection of white..the dress is really the masterpiece.take care!

Virginia said...

I like all your pretty whites.
My favorite Clarence's chin.
Sweet Blessings,

gail said...

love the birdhouse and the star

Rebecca said...

You're right -white is all around us-the kitty is my favorite!

Red Couch Recipes said...

Carol -- I too think the kitty Clarence has the cutest white. Also love the bird house. Carol, the dessert on my post tonight are coconut balls. The super easy recipe will be posted tomorrow. Thanks for notifying me of my error of not saying what it was. Joni

Atticmag said...

The star is wonderful and I like the birdhouse too.

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