Thursday, September 30, 2010

Makeshift a Makeshift Kitchen

When you are so fortunate as to be undertaking a kitchen remodel, you rig up a makeshift kitchen somewhere else. But I still wanted a cosy, welcoming dinner to greet Mister with when he got home.

We're using the little table from the sunporch for meals. Well, it IS in front of a fireplace. Which isn't turned on yet....but the mantel is pretty...

And candles always add a soft glow.

A pretty simple set up, but red is nice and warm to come home to. And it had been a bit of a dreary day.

I hold a firm belief that there really can't be too many candles lit.

I've learned a lot about using an electric skillet. You can make a whole dinner in it and it doesn't have to be a "one dish" meal.

Here's how the kitchen is coming along. The cabinets are installed and the crown molding is going up. Hardware is on.

Close up of the latches. Vintage! .

The appliances arrived today. They are lined up in the center of the room where the island usually is. They are keeping us from bumping our heads on the pendant lights, which is a good thing! Apparently, Some are of the mind that they make a good place for resting....but I digress.

Under the cover.....a new stove! Dual fuel, 2 ovens. I can't wait to try out this baby!

Please join Susan atBetween Naps on the Porch's beautiful blog for Tablescape Thursday today!

And have a most wonderful day!


Shel said...

So cosy by that fireplace! And it looks like your kitchen is going to be great! I too have used one pot or an electric frying pan many a time when much better than take-out.
Blessings from South Africa
Shel x

mariondee-designs said...

Looks very romantic if you ask me!!! Oh, I just LOVE your new kitchen.. take care, Maryann

Vee said...

You made that dinner very special. Your kitchen is going to be amazing! Love those latches...

Janet said...

I am loving that stove Carol. As good as electric skillets are ( I can't live without one), that stove will be incredible.

Thanks for your kind comment, I am not quitting, at least yet, but just need a bit of a break. Maybe I should call it "blogging without expectations", huh?

Jane said...

Wow! That dinner looks de-lish! When we were remodeling our kitchen, I got so sick of take-out...but, you've got a lovely alternate kitchen/dining area set up. Who knows? Perhaps you will continue to dine in front of the fireplace even after that gorgeous kitchen is finished????

Debbie said...

I just love it that you took the time to make a nice table for your husband even in the midst of a kitchen redo.

And I agree about the electric skillet. The inventor could possibly have won some kind of Nobel prize. Grin.

Great dinner and I LOVE that peek at the new appliance.

Richie's 2ts Inspires said...

Wow! a new kitchen? My dream, heyyahhh!

Your making the place cozy although for now a tupsy turvy one.

I can't wait to see the outcome of your kitchen, pls let me know.

Have a happy TS Day.

Greetings from chilly STOCKHOLMER,

Jane said...

Oh, that table looks so very romantic. Sorry I have missed your most recent posts. Hope that you are well,


mississippi artist said...

The kitchen looks like it will be wonderful. How sweet to have dinner by the fireplace.

Tess said...

Great to have a romantic dinner and ignore the chaos in the kitchen, but your kitchen is looking gorgeous...someday I hope to do the same!

Entertaining Women said...

You are so ambitious to have a home cooked meal waiting for the middle of a kitchen remodel! The cabinets are gorgeous, by the way. I might be headed for Wendy's or someplace else every evening. Dinner in front of the fireplace...all that are superwoman! Thank you for sharing your charming design. Cherry Kay