Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Milk glass

My maternal grandmother treasured her milk glass. She passed away in 1984 and I inherited these pieces. They are usually displayed in my kitchen hutch, but I like them on the sun dappled vintage dishtowel.

Three candy dishes. This chicken was a favorite of hers.

I remember it on her mantel. I do not remember it containing candy.

This one is my favorite of the three.

Square, short and white. Gotta love it.

Another view.

The third one is taller, and square. It matches the shorter one in the pattern of grapes and leaves.

I looked inside and found a (white!) sand dollar.

Here's a view of the vintage dish towel. The towel was my paternal grandmother's and is my very favorite dishtowel.

I am so thankful that I can enjoy the beauty of these pieces that remind me of my childhood and grandparents.

Have a sunny, beautiful and wonderful White Wednesday full of gratitude!


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Vee said...

Wow...you still have a dish towel? That must've been made of quality fabric. It really has that lovely, faded vintage quality with some of those delightful graphics. Cool! I almost bought a milkglass vase at the flea market, but got sidetracked by a little blue and yellow floozy. Now I know for a fact that the beautiful gladiolas would've looked far better in the milkglass.

Red Couch Recipes said...

Your milk glass is really beautiful. I don't have any, but I admire it. Joni

Kathy said...

Milk glass just never goes out of style, Simply timeless

Sue said...

They're all beautiful. Lucky girl!


Apron Senorita said...

Ah, that is so beautiful. I love sand dollars. I was raised by the coast, so they remind me of home. So nice to visit you gorgeous blog.

Yoli :)

Gail @ Faithfulness Farm said...

A lovely collection of milk glass :)


Rebecca said...

What a lovely collection-my grandmother gave me several of these chickens-I'll always treasure them!

Olive Cooper said...

They are so pretty...and so is the towel. hugs♥olive

Gloria said...

I found you on W.Wednesday...very sweet blog. Love your milk glass collection...what treasures they are!
Blessings to you,
Gloria @}~`}~~~

Heidi said...

It's so nice to have pieces that were handed down to you. I don't have anything from my mom's family and I so wanted things like that when I was growing up. But, I'm keeping everything for my girls, whether they want all of it or not!!
Thanks for linking up. Have a great week.

gail said...

all beautiful pieces-I always loved milk glass!

A Hopeful Heart said...

Oh, I love milk glass. I remember my mom having a set when I was growing up. But she has it packed away in a box now.

I, too, like things that remind me of my precious grandparents. That's part of why I started a collection of Desert Rose china. That was the pattern my paternal grandmother used forever, and I acquired several pieces through Ebay. Although it's not her set (that went to another family member), it still reminds me of her every time I use it.

Have a lovely weekend.