Monday, October 25, 2010

The Old Chest

You know how it is. You know you've got to have a thrifting fix. You can hold off for a while, but it's inevitable. You're gonna have to go.
So I went.

All furniture was half off. One day only. I found this old chest. It had lots of character was half price.
But the line for the cashier extended halfway back the store. And I didn't know if it would fit in my car. But our family room ottoman was broken, and we'd been looking for something to replace it with.

I texted Mister, who was out of town, with a picture and the question, "Do you think I can carry this out and get it home?" His emphatic answer, "NO!" So I knew what I had to do.
Fortunately, the chest has wheels. Very squeaky ones. I maneuvered it out of the big crowd of furniture it was in the middle of. EEEK....EEEEK... went the wheels. Bump, EEK, across the cement floor. Turned a lot of heads.

I waited in line for about 20 minutes. Checked out. Then EEEK'ed my way across the parking lot.
"You know," I told myself, "I think I can slide (jam) this into the back seat of the car." I did that until one of the legs started breaking off. Pulled it back onto the parking lot.
"Maybe I could kind of wedge it into the trunk", was my next thought. Which I did. Got 1/3 of it in the trunk, made a quick maneuver with some bungee cords, drove SLOWLY home.
Sent another picture text to Mister. This one was entitled Ta. Da.

As Clarence is showing you, the chest has charcoal in it. It smelled strongly of mothballs. I don't mind the smell of mothballs so much, but this really was rather strong. It also has a little extra storage section there where Clarence is peering.

My favorite thing about the chest is the patina. I love looking at it in the evening and seeing the scars and imperfections, and the color. It's also nice to have a flat place to set a drink while reading or blogging.

Mister remarked to me the other day that he hasn't decided how he will refinish it yet. Refinish it???

Have a wonderful Tuesday!

Today I'm joining Linda for Nifty Thrifty Tuesdays! and Bonnie for Twice Owned Tuesday!


Linda @ A La Carte said...

Love this chest! Reminds me of when I found a cedar chest at Goodwill and managed to get it home all by myself!!

Anonymous said...

What a great find! I see Clarence had to inspect it because it is NEW to the house!!!
Enjoy your day.

Debbie said...

I laughed every time you eeeked! I would have had to do it too. I guess we're two peas of the same stubborn pod.

It was worth all the eeeking. I love it and, like you, love the patina most of all.

Score one for the eeker.

Vee said...

Great find! Our flea market guys don't allow customers to carry their own finds. They do it for you. I think I've been quite spoiled by that.

Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

Wondering if I am the only blogger in 'Pretty Blog Land,' who NEVER has to have a 'thrifting fix'? :-)

~~Carol~~ said...

Isn't it amazing what we'll go through to get a great piece of furniture home? When I impulsively bought our secretary hutch, I had to drive home with my chin practically resting on the steering wheel, and I couldn't see in the rearview mirror at all! I think the old chest is beautiful, and more importantly, Clarence likes it!

Ruth said...

what a fabulous find!!

elizabeth said...

Oh I want something just like that to use as a coffee table...I have a wicker trunk now, which isn't heavy duty enough for my hubs feet to rest on. Love it!
Thanks for your kind comments today. I'm having a giveaway...check it out!

Melanie {The Tiny Tudor} said...

Great find! I love how you're using it instead of a coffee table. Now you have space to store cozy blankets for fall!