Sunday, December 26, 2010

Staying Cozy

It's bitterly cold and windy out. So come on in. It's cozy inside!

As you come through the front door, the foyer tree greets you. And the sweet kitchen is just beyond.

The Santa is a treasure I was given last year. He sits in a place of honor next to the new kitchen canisters.

The dining room is decked out for Christmas!

In the master bedroom, the fireplace is warm and cozy. The cats certainly know it!

The bed is cozy and warm. Mister stripped and refinished the bedroom set. It was his wedding gift to me!

A romantic lampshade, a little bling.

Hope all of you are staying warm today, and are toasty and cozy!

Joining Cielo for Show off Your Cottage Monday!



Anonymous said...

Everything is lovely and very cozy. I love your Santa and your new canisters especially. Seems like a good night for hot cocoa. Take care.

Gail @ Faithfulness Farm said...

So lovely and cozy Carol! I always enjoy getting a peek at your lovelt home :)


Kay K said...

Indeed your home looks cozy and warm, love the pictures thanks for posting

Sue said...

What a sweet little Santa and birdies in the kitchen. I like your apothecary style canisters,too. I've had no luck looking for a set, because I only want the ones with lids that self seal. Visiting from Cielo's party. :-)
~ Sue

Ricki Jill Treleaven said...

Carol, the canisters are wonderful. I would like to find a really big white canister for my laundry room for detergent! Keep warm!

Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

Oh yes, stay inside, warm and cozy!

Gentle snow-covered hugs...

artis1111 said...

Thanks for stopping by. I just love your porch. I have always wanted a big porch, and yours is wonderful. Your home is beautiful. Kathy

Garden Girl said...

Everything looks so warm and inviting! I especially like your mantel decorations;) I need to get some of those!

Leann said...

Hi Carol

Just popping by to see how your Christmas was. The house sure does look warm and cozy!

Love that you DH re-did the bed for a wedding gift - very romantic!

Happy New Year!

Kathy said...

Love the entrance - warm and cozy - absolutely love your sink! Someday my sink will come da, da, dee, dee, dum, dum - o.k. corny - I know :)
Stay warm, safe and healthy this New Year!

Christine said...

I love the fact that you adore your home. So many just don't appreciate their home, especially the way you do.
And I can see why you love it's beautiful!

gail said...

Hi Carol-Everything looks so comfy cozy! and what a wonderful husband you have to refinish that beautiful bedroom set.
Happy New Year!