Sunday, April 17, 2011

A Busy Weekend, or What You Can Do with 3 Tons of Topsoil

Poor Mister. I was horrified the other day at the sound of his breathing. I made sure he went to the doctor, where he was diagnosed with bronchitis. He's been pretty sick. But that didn't stop the delivery of our topsoil.

Sure. I could call it 3 cubic yards of topsoil. But a cubic yard weighs one ton. And I moved it all singlehandedly. So I'm going with tons. Three Tons. Because when one has bronchitis, one must rest and recuperate, and not cart around nor shovel topsoil. Or top mud, as it is wont to become after a couple of inches of rain, even with tarping.

I filled in a big place by the corner of the porch to keep water from running down into the basement.

When we were required to have a curb installed last year, the company did not properly backfill before planting their mix of grass and large aggressive weeds in our tree lawn. So everything sank. It's filled in and seeded with grass seed now.

On both sides.

I used the mawl to level out this sloping garden. Then topped it all off with topsoil.

There was a huge depression in the center of the yard where I had removed a garden a couple of years ago.

I filled in the depression and seeded it with grass seed. Then placed chicken wire around it to keep the dog out.

All that was left was to scrape soil from the driveway and wash any debris away.

I also earned at least 2 days off from the gym. Maybe more.

I feel like a SuperHero.

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Mildred said...

You are a SuperHero! Every muscle in your body must hurt. Take care and I hope you have some down time this week. It will all be beautiful.

Happier Than a Pig in Mud said...

Absolutely SuperHero status! I bow to you, now get a Ben Gay rub down, a hot toddy, and relax:@)

Shirley said...

Or maybe a trip to the spa for a real muscle
work out...massage to the max..or a hot bath and some hot tea..hope your honey feels better soon.
Take care...

Kay K said...

Girl you have done some serious work .... moving that topsoil is not a easy job ..
Glad you got it finished ...hope your hubby is better

Ann@A Sentimental Life said...

hope your husband gets to feeling better. yes, I think it qualifies as a work out!!

Vee said...

Well I should say! Hope that you've had your bath water drawn and have soaked for hours in lavender. My goodness that sounds like a lot of intense work! Hope that your hubby is feeling better pronto.

Pam - diy Design Fanatic said...

Moving dirt is hard work...I know because I did the same thing last month for our vegetable garden in our raised beds! It definitely is a great workout!

Atticmag said...

You did move a mountain, literally! I also enjoy rough yard work and you remind me I have a ton of mulch to spread. Hope everyone feels better -- the yard is certainly ready for Spring. Hope you'll stop by. I have a new curtain. Jane

Karie's Chic Creations said...

Oh how I miss that "hard yard work". No long up to it. . . Good for you. Nothing like it. The beautiful yard you will have is worth it all. Good luck. Karie

Debbie said...

You ARE a super hero, Carol! I'm impressed and think that not only did you earn two days off from the gym, you also earned a plate of fettucine alredo for dinner.

And tiramisu for dessert.

3 tons of it.

corners of my life said...


One Heart (Marcia) said...

Oh my!! Superhero indeed. That's a lot of work.

I called Life:Beautiful today to check up on the delay and it turned out that I was waiting for their billing and they were waiting for my payment. I missed the billing and was holding up the line. :( Sorry about the mixup. They said your first issue should reach you in approx two weeks.

Blessings your way.

Janette@Janette's Sage said...

I will send you a cape!!! Oh I remember every year my Dad having topsoil delivered and yes, us girls would have to put it out...but I sure know how to do it.
Great job...and yes, at least two days off from the gym and maybe a bag of Epson salt!

Charlotte said...

I enjoyed looking at your blog and reading your posts. I think your home is lovely!

Kathy said...

You go girl! I know it is hard work - well worth it! Take care of yourself too!

bj said...

Well, bless your little heart, you are a working dude, girlfriend. You did so so good and it is all going to look so pretty before long.
Hope Mister is better in no time..with you taking such good care of him, I have no doubt he will be up and about really soon. He just may, however, make dern sure all the top soil has been finished. :)))
hugs, bj

Sue said...

Carol you get my vote as "Super Hero". I was tired just reading this.
praying your dh will be well soon.
Wishing you and your dear family a very Blessed Easter.

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Kathleen said...

3 tons, 6000 lbs of soil, OMG! That's a lot of work!

I hope you are feeling better, take it easy!