Monday, June 27, 2011

Just Generally Besotted

There's just no hope for it. I can't stop looking at these daylilies.

To me, they are the quintessential summer flower. I see them along the roadside, in drifts along the fields, and in my own yard.

Beautiful, beautiful.

In real life, the geraniums are so red, it seems that they would stain your hands if you touched them.

The dahlias have so many petals per bloom that it's unreal.

The butterfly bush has taken off again this year, as usual.

And there are hundreds of volunteer cleome or spiderflower everywhere!

I just completed a successful project that has brought me great delight.
I met this feral half grown cat on Labor Day weekend. So frightened. He'd never interacted with humans before.

After a few weeks of feeding, I persuaded him to move across the street, to our back porch. He was delighted to be a Porch Cat. 
We have 4 cats and 5 would be too much. So, after we became fast friends, I took him to work, neutered, vaccinated, and dewormed him, and made sure he was negative for feline leukemia.

Right now, I call him Jasper. But we will find him the perfect home. He is happy, content, relaxed and boarding at work until then.
And my little Jackson?? He is delighted to resume his rightful place as Household Kitten.

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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Blooms and a Kitten Reveal

Daylilies are one of my favorite summer blooms.

A new bloom every day. This year seems to be a good one for the lilies.

By dividing them every couple of years, I have an ongoing supply.

The Black-Eyed Susans  - oops, I mean purple coneflowers now that I see the petal color - are getting ready to bloom.   Mine are in a pot, out of rabbits' reach.

We've got transplanted daylilies back here, too!

And now, (drumroll, please!) for the moment you've all been waiting for!
Let me introduce you to Jackson!

As in, rhymes with Action!

This little boy has quickly made a place for himself in our hearts. He fits in well with the other kitty boys.

But he loves his humans the best!

He comes running when called. He chatters excitedly at the fishing pole toy as it swings by him.

His spots are beautiful,

And his stripes, stunning.
Jackson. Action Jackson. Jacks. Jacksie. A.J. The possibilities are endless!

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Wishing each of you a wonderful week,


Random Summer Shots and Father's Day

What a glorious weekend. Perfect summer weather. I'm enjoying being home.

I'll see my parents today. We'll all go out to eat. Celebrating Father's Day.

Happy Father's Day, Dad! I can't imagine having a better dad. I inherited my love of animals from you, a trait that has defined my life and career.

But what I most appreciate is your unconditional love, your steadfast unchanging devotion. Your faithfulness, your love of God. Your friendship and generosity.

Because my dad is a good and godly man, he has, by example, shown me the way to an always growing and healthy relationship with my Heavenly Father.

Happy Father's Day to all the wonderful dads out there!


Friday, June 17, 2011

Greenery and What's-His-Name?

We have had some violent storms and loss of power this year, resulting in more rain than usual and the shade garden is thriving.

This is an old fashioned garden in front of the house that was there when we moved in. All I do is maintain it.

Plenty of nice specimen plants. Lily of the valley, creeping woodruff, an old fashioned hydrangea that blooms white and changes to pink, hosta, mayapple, peonies, iris and ostrich fern, bleeding hearts.

I spray painted these plant stands the other week. One red, one white.

The different shapes and textures of the leaves are beautiful.

This little poster is a favorite. We display it seasonally. The picture is vintage, and the cute sleepers remind me of...wait for it.....

....the surprise! Arrived night before last and he is totally at home. Runs all the time, rarely seems to sleep. I have a new appreciation for the term "cat nap". 4 1/2 pounds of fun.

So this is the something, new and exciting, to us. He is litter trained already and so sweet and cute.

Many of the pictures I took of him didn't come out. Because he ran away before the picture took.

Here he is in Mister's new recliner....

....with vintage fabric.

There is only one problem, as I see it, and that is this:

We still don't know his name!!

Do you know?  And if so, please tell me!

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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A Surprise

Something new and exciting is coming to live at our house. New and exciting to us, anyway.

Chickie will be bringing the aforementioned new and exciting something to us tonight.

New. Exciting.

To our house.

Pictures to follow, after the new and exciting something arrives, of course!

Have a wonderful day. Hope something new and exciting is headed your way!


Sunday, June 12, 2011

Relaxing and Blooming

Sitting out on a porch in the summertime is a favorite pastime.  This porch is on the second floor, off the master bedroom.
You may remember seeing the railings draped with drying tee shirts last week when the power was out and the washing machine was locked shut for a day or so.

But now we can enjoy the porch for its intended purpose.  You can have my seat, over by the geraniums.

Look how comfy it is!

Here is your view.  Lots of green!  Speaking of green, let's check out what's blooming now.

I was delighted to see the first daylily this weekend!  Daylilies are great because they can be divided and transplanted year after year.  And the plants don't die out after a few years!

Spiderwort is another of my favorites.  Another perennial that takes to dividing and transplanting.  And if I cut the spent blooms, I can get it to bloom multiple times in a single season.

The hydrangeas are coming along nicely.  Don't they look wonderful against the front porch column?

Rabbits don't eat begonias.  So they are perfect for my house!

But they do eat Black-eyed I grow the ones I have left in a pot.

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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

An Unexpected Gift

I was home early from work today. Much earlier than I expected.
I had time!

And it was my favorite kind of time.

Time at home.

Sure, I got some things done, but I also sat on a porch, drank iced tea, read a book.
It was all good.

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Sunday, June 5, 2011

A Simpler Time

After the storm passed week before last, leaving a small group of 10 or so homes in our neighborhood without power, internet, phone, cable, for a couple of days, I was thinking about what it was like 102 years ago when this house was built.  No TV, computers, clamor.  No AC, the windows wide open all the time.

Things were less convenient.  But the simple pleasures were still there.  Just like they are now.

See all the tee shirts hanging on the railings?
Just before the power went out, I had the bright idea of taking almost all of Mister's tee shirts and washing them in a special, 3 hour long, "Stain" cycle in the washing machine.  Three hours?  A bit excessive, perhaps, but I thought it would be worth a try.
Didn't know we'd lose power.....and the washing machine would be......
Locked.  Shut.  Couldn't open it.  I hoped there was still some soap in there to help slow the mildew.
And that Mister could come up with some shirts to wear.

But we do have a generator.  My parents gave it to us when they moved.  It's very, VERY loud.  We used it to finish the wash cycle after a day or so.  Then Mister took all his shirts out and spread them around the place to dry.  The super long stain cycle worked, he said!

The garage (above) got a lot of water running through it, so we opened it up to air out.

The little lamps that Mister set up around the house so we could see at night gave off a cosy the kitchen, in the family room.

My mom gave me this dahlia for Easter.  So pretty!  I read that rabbits do not eat dahlias, so I got some more and put them out front.

So....the simple time of no power is over.  For us, it wasn't too bad, because of the generator.
We did turn off the generator at night, for the neighbors' sake.  However, when I got up to get ready for work Saturday-morning-on-a-holiday-weekend-at-5:45AM (gulp) to fire that baby up, I did feel a twinge of guilt!

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