Friday, June 17, 2011

Greenery and What's-His-Name?

We have had some violent storms and loss of power this year, resulting in more rain than usual and the shade garden is thriving.

This is an old fashioned garden in front of the house that was there when we moved in. All I do is maintain it.

Plenty of nice specimen plants. Lily of the valley, creeping woodruff, an old fashioned hydrangea that blooms white and changes to pink, hosta, mayapple, peonies, iris and ostrich fern, bleeding hearts.

I spray painted these plant stands the other week. One red, one white.

The different shapes and textures of the leaves are beautiful.

This little poster is a favorite. We display it seasonally. The picture is vintage, and the cute sleepers remind me of...wait for it.....

....the surprise! Arrived night before last and he is totally at home. Runs all the time, rarely seems to sleep. I have a new appreciation for the term "cat nap". 4 1/2 pounds of fun.

So this is the something, new and exciting, to us. He is litter trained already and so sweet and cute.

Many of the pictures I took of him didn't come out. Because he ran away before the picture took.

Here he is in Mister's new recliner....

....with vintage fabric.

There is only one problem, as I see it, and that is this:

We still don't know his name!!

Do you know?  And if so, please tell me!

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Debbie said...

His name should be Whiskers. My niece has a cat whom I love named Whiskers, and he looks just like him.

Or... how about Gomer?
I'm thinking of Gomer Pyle saying, "SurPRISE, surPRISE surPRISE!"

Whatever you name him, he is a cutie patootie.

Anonymous said...

Since he disappears before you can get his picture, how about Houdini?

He is so tiny and cute. Wish I could hold him.

I love your shade garden and the wonderful assortment of plants.

I also love the vintage fabric on Houdini's new recliner!!!!!

Whatever the name, both he and all of you are fortunate to have one another.

Vee said...

Oh I like the choices above...some folks are clever! I like family names...who's got an interesting name from either side of the family? Surnames or first names count. My sister actually named her new kitty "Lily" after our paternal grandmother "Lillian" who was always called "Lily." Let us know! (Guess in your case, you'd better stick with male names. Oh, and I've always liked the name "Shadow" for a cat, too.

Vee said...

close paren

Carol said...

Interesting family names?
Floyd, Lloyd, Winfield, Will, Ed, Pete, Bo, Stanley, Murph, Charles, Russell (but we had a cat named Russell already)...

Happier Than a Pig in Mud said...

He's a cutie, how about Zip cause he's so fast:@)

Cindy said...

He is very cute, how about Sir, as in sir-prise!
Okay, maybe that is lame. We had a gray cat by the name of Mister one time, he looked a lot like him when he was a kitten.
Hugs, Cindy

Ricki Jill Treleaven said...

What about Gris Gris because he is gray, and he can magically disappear, like Gris Gris magic.

(pronounced gree gree)

Joan said...

Some suggestions from Gram & Amy:
...take your pick!

Vee said...

Winfield? Maybe we're related!

Deb said...


no spring chicken said...

His name is shadow. I know because I've been looking everywhere for him. But just as his name insinuates, he is elusive. Darting for and lurking in the shadows. I'm so glad that he decided to step into the light. If I could pick where I was going to live I'd choose your wonderful home too!!

Blessings, Debbie

Gail @ Faithfulness Farm said...

Your garden is GORGEOUS!! We've had our share of rain and storms this spring too -- I'm trying to remember that later this summer I will want some of that rain back, lol.

Sweet kitty -- we always give our pets people names -- I am thinking Rufus :)


Ann@A Sentimental Life said...

How adorable!

My shade garden is doing great the ferns and hosta look like they are steroids!

Olive Cooper said...

How about "Lightning" since he is so fast. Love your shady garden Carol.