Friday, July 22, 2011

Yay!! Baby Kitty is 8 today!!!

Baby Kitty's mommy, Debbie, is having a Birthday Party for him and it's Today!!
Happy, Happy Birthday, Baby Kitty! We are so glad to know you!
Let us introduce ourselves.....

Happy Birthday, Baby Kitty!  My name is Tony Macaroni, but usually I am called Tones.  I am very talkative and busy.

My name is Sunny, aka Hunny.  I am Mommy's favorite.  If you check out her blogs about us cats, you'll find that it is true!  Happy Birthday!  Meow.

Isaac, aka Buddy the black Standard Poodle.  Major goofball.
Mo, aka Bubba.  Large and in charge gray cat. 
Happy Birthday, Baby Kitty!

Here I am, in my morning "hammock".  Lying in the curtain.  Since I am Bubba, large, loud and in charge, I already said Happy Birthday in the previous shot.

Hi!!!!!!!! I am (Action) Jackson, the youngest at 4 months of age! Mommy says my voice is extremely high pitched and whiny for such a little fellow.
Let's play, Baby Kitty! Let's play a Birthday Game!

Happy Birthday, dear Baby Kitty!  We love you and thank you for inviting us to your big celebration!

Tones, Hunny, Bubba, Jackson, Isaac and their mommy


Happier Than a Pig in Mud said...

Such pretty kitties Carol! Fun post:@)

~~Carol~~ said...

Happy Birthday Baby Kitty! Carol, you're so lucky to have so many sweet little furbabies!

Miss Merry said...

My gramma had a houseful of spoiled gentlemen kitties. Your post brings back her memory. Thank you! And enjoy the birthday celebration.

Mildred said...

How lucky Baby Kitty is to get greetings from each of your fur babies! Really cute pictures today to put a smile on everyone's face.

Enjoy the weekend, Carol!

Confessions of a Plate Addict said...

Hi Carol! What a wonderful crew you have at your house! And...I love the way each of them has another name! My cats' names always seem to evolve into another one, too! Thanks so much for coming to Baby Kitty's par-tay and for the birthday wishes! Happy weekend!...hugs...Debbie

Mary said...

Yes, It is wonderful to have four cat's isn't it? Yours a so adorable too! Mary :O)

Romeo said...

Oh wow! What a handsome group of cats living in this house. And they own a dog too?! WOW! My sisfur Matilda (Mattie)is 9 months old and is bugging "her" to come over and play a purrday game with Jackson. Oh the fun they would have.....



Shelia said...

Hi Carol. What precious little fuzzy faces you have and they could have their own party! :) And they probably do.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Rebecca said...

Hi Carol
Happy Birthday to Baby Kitty - you have quite the party going, they are all very beautiful

Carole said...

Well isn't this a cute party. I wish I had known earlier I would have rounded up my gang....they love a good party!


victorian parlor II said...

Your cats and dog are beautiful! Your house is gorgeous-I look forward to visiting your blog again soon:).



Debbie said...

All cute!! This was such a cute idea for a party.

Shanda said...

AW...I love my kitties. One even has a facebook page!

SavannahGranny said...

Who said you were an "empty nester"? Love these babies. We had a black standard poodle many years ago. He was a huge lap baby. Love all the kitties. With multiples you certainly have a "pecking order". OOPS, another species.
If I lived near, I would certainly want you for my vet. Your love certainly shines through. Ginger:)