Sunday, April 15, 2012

Master Bath (Almost) Free Re-Do

We made over our deplorable master bath the other week.  Dr. Cat oversaw the project.

My inspiration came when I was out in the garage.  The top of this piece that we used in our kitchen before the remodeling was out there.  We had the bottom stored in the basement.
I measured it for the bathroom.....and it was a perfect fit!

There are no before shots, because like I said, it was deplorable.  But imagine a washer and dryer stacked in the right hand corner of this picture.  And a not so great paint job on the wall.

We found the mirror for $29 at Home Depot.  The lamp was similarly priced.  And that was the cost of this l'il makeover!

The mirror over the sink - no change there.

Never had a flowered sink before.  This was here when we moved in.

So now, we have a lot more storage, the new mirror lightens up the room and provides me with a vanity!

The room is so much better with a new paint job, no washer/dryer, lots of storage, and the right price!

Don't you love shopping the house?

Joining Susan for Met Monday!


Vee said...

Yes, I do. Well done! That looks fantastic.

Anonymous said...

I love it! Very pretty, Carol.

Susan said...

Hi Carol...Nice job on the makeover!

Thanks so much for your visit and comment to my beloved blog. Always nice to have you stop by. Susan

Janette@Janette's Sage said...

That is great...and yes, I love shopping the house...too fun and resourceful

Barb said...

Hi Carol,
My hubby hates it when I shop the house...he likes things to stay in the same place forever and I like rearrangeing the furniture.
We live in an area with lots of unit blocks and people are always moving out and leaving things behind, sooo....I shop the footpath too.
Recycling and reusing at it's best.

Your bathroom looks wonderful, good job.
God Bless
Barb from Australia

Sharing Shadymont said...

Great idea! Love the piece you are using now! So pretty.

Linda O'Connell said...

I absolutley love that sink! Great remodel.

Lynn @ UpCountry Olio said...

I never would have dreamed that cabinet was originally for the kitchen. And the sink is just adorable, not everyone has one like that. Nice job!

Lynn said...

The "new/old" piece is just lovely for the bath. To me, it looks lovelier in the bath than the place originally used in the kitchen. It looks made for that bath. I too, love the sink. What a extra touch that it, again all for free. Bet you make excuses to go in that bath now, just to smile at it's new beauty. Great job! Especially great price!! Blessings.

Cindy said...

Shopping the house is definitely the best way to go. That's a very pretty piece of furniture that you put in there. Your bathroom must look very pretty and roomy now. Very nice makeover.
Have a lovely week.
Hugs, Cindy

Debbie said...

I do not like this new blogger interface. I just clicked here and realized how far behind I am with reading. I never get down to the "O" in the list anymore.

Anyway, I really love that piece that you used. It fits beautifully! I also love the mirror (would like to find one for that price. I need to take a road trip to HD.)

sophia blue said...

You might be thinking it would be just as easy for them to create their strategy to the bathroom sink.