Thursday, April 5, 2012


If any one of you have ever noticed that I've never posted basement pictures before, this post will settle any questions about it for once and for all.  Forever. 

I made laundry detergent this week.  Been meaning too for some time.  No, it's not in a pretty container.  It's in a big black 5 gallon bucket with a cardboard box for a lid.  Told you it wasn't going to be pretty.
The recipe is from Jill's Home Remedies blog and calls for washing soda, Fels Naphtha soap and Borax, which I already had.  I used it today and it works well.

You see, we moved the washer and dryer to the basement a couple of months ago.  The door gasket on the terrible front loading washing machine ripped for the second time in 5 years.  Replacement cost and labor is about $375.  Not doing that again.  (I suspect a young'un who washes many hoodies with large zipper pulls that get draaaaggged across the gasket is the culprit.)
You'll take note of the stream of water flowing across the floor to the drain.

Yes.  The basement is unfinished and 103 years old.  Looks every minute of it.  That's ok.  We are going to build in a laundry room and a room for the cats to eat and have their litter boxes in.  We did it at our last house, we'll do it at this one.  Eventually.
There is is a nice window over the washer and dryer.  And a foundation shelf under it.  I see potential.

And I'm surrounded by cats eating their supper. I love watching cats eat.  By the way, 9Lives is not a cat food I would recommend.  All by-products.  I'm just using it to transition to a very special all wet, all natural diet.

Now that the washer and dryer are out of the master bath, I should really show you the master bath makeover.  Especially after this post.  It's only fair.
Stay tuned.



Anonymous said...

Oh, I look forward to the master bath photos. My brother has the same problem with his washer. I'm glad you have the basement. So cute to see the kitties eating. They will love their space in the basement. We have made the garage the cat area - our winters are mild enough that they enjoy the area year round.

Easter blessings to you and yours.

Vee said...

Brave girl. I have a similar basement. It's never seen the light of the blog. ☺ I'm eager to see what you'll do with building a laundry room. A laundry room that lives where the clothes are is a great blessing.

Linda O'Connell said...

You make your own laundry detergent. I am impressed. I love old houses.

Barb said...

I'm sure your basement plans are going to work well.How nice to have your bathroom back.
Happy Easter
God Bless
Barb from Australia

Olive Cooper said...

Not many basements here in the south. They are good to stash stuff in. You made your own detergent-good for you. Happy Easter.

Madness and mayhem said...

I have been wanting to make laundry soap for a long time but i cant get hold of any washing soda in England.Love the cats,it looks just like our house!