Saturday, September 22, 2012

His Creation Glorifies Him

As I sit in the hammock swing, I see the creation once again glorifying its Creator.
The extravagantly blue sky of autumn,

I swing in a circle, lean back, look up, and take it in.

The leaves that are too numerous to count are still green.
I watch the sunlight change as the sun tracks across the sky.  Every day, we can count on that.
Because our Lord is ever faithful.

Coming full circle I see timeworn beauty in the age of patina.  Beautiful blossoms.  Found treasures.

Surrounded by His blessing.  Enfolded in His love.  Filled with His joy.  Blessed with His peace.
Because He is God.
He is sovereign.
His faithfulness, lovingkindness, grace sustain me.  I abide, rest in Him.

Have a beautiful, blessed Sunday.  Make sure to visit Charlotte for Spiritual Sundays.



Maple Lane said...

A lovely post for Spiritual Sundays, Carol.

Anita Johnson said...

I feel the same way, Because He is God!

Vee said...

I want you to know, before my post comes up tomorrow morning, that I did not copy you. I had no idea that you or anyone would be going in this direction. ☺

Cheryl said...

Beautiful post, Carol! Yes, "our Lord is ever faithful." Amen.

Linda O'Connell said...

Thisis one of the most inpsirational posts, a wonderful reminder on this Sunday morning. Have a great week.

joy said...

Beautiful. The creations reminds us of God's wonderful works:)

Magnolia Cottage said...

Beautiful post and photo's for Spiritual Sunday! Thanks for visiting.
God Bless,

Pamela said...

"Found treasures." We can focus on God's creation for long without finding blessings upon blessings. Your found blessings have blessed me today.