Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A Sweet Volunteer

 I was out by the driveway this weekend.  Just minding my own business. 
Clearing stuff out of the way in preparation for Sandy and accompanying winds.

 A spot of pink by the house caught my eye.

 Wha?????!  All I have here are spiderwort, Chinese lanterns, creeping geranium.

A dear petunia.  I've never had petunias here before. 
So you know what that means?!
A beautiful volunteer.  At almost-November, no less!

And there you have it.  Day 31, of 31 Days of Simple Pleasures.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Being Home After Dinner

I love the cozy time of day after dinner.  I think of how many of us are settling in for the evening.  The kitchen is cleared up and clean.  We'll set up the coffee for tomorrow morning.
Lamplight is warm and inviting, and makes the colors around it warm and subdued.

The spindles on the staircase really pop tonight.  The wood and runner are comforting, welcoming colors.

More lamplight in the bedroom exemplifies the wonderful feeling of Being Home.

Day 30 of 31.  Simple Pleasures, one day to go!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Storm Prep

You know I love the sunporch off the kitchen. Love is not too strong a word. It's a beautiful place where Mister and I enjoy having a quiet dinner together.

Love my gardening too.
Since the storm was coming, I wanted to clear the decks. Literally.
And I do not like killing my flowers. So now the sunporch is a greenhouse! Of sorts.

The Munkii seemed to approve. 
Day 29, Simple Pleasures.

Sunday, October 28, 2012


In the morning I take old fashioned oats and water and microwave them for 2 minutes.
Put it in a pretty old bowl.
Add cinnamon, brown sugar.
Cut up a Gala apple and add it.
Pour milk over all.
Breakfast Comfort Food.
Simple Pleasure 29. A warm, healthy, tasty, comforting breakfast.
Great on a stormy morning.

Healing, Day 28

I was so sick, as many of you know.  But now I am well.

It started early on a Friday with abdominal discomfort.  Figured it was just a GI upset, rested, slept, felt better.
But it returned that night.
Better the next day, til evening,
Sunday, we almost went to the ER.  It was THAT bad.
I felt guided to start drinking water and walking.  That brought relief.  Holy Spirit guidance.
Monday I made a doctor's appointment.  So you know it had to be bad.
Monday night I had a CAT scan with contrast.  They said it was ok.
Tuesday night I DID go to the ER.  They decided it was some uterine fibroids.
Wednesday the gynecologist ruled out the pre-existing fibroids as a source of pain.
Thursday I returned to the doctor, where I found out that I had been dehydrated at the ER and
     otherwise bloodwork was normal. 
Friday we debated on returning to the ER.  Again, I felt guided to stay in bed, rest, sleep and keep hydrating.
     So I did.  And I improved.
Saturday, again, with the bedrest, and hydrating, and again on Sunday.  I was improving daily.
At the recheck appointment on Tuesday my doctor was so pleased with my progress, as was I!
Wednesday, I realized that I had gotten my joy back!

My point??  Since I unexpectedly retired in the spring, my life has been unexpectedly more streamlined in its focus on the Lord.  I have been able to schedule real, intentional time daily to be in His Word, to pray His Word over my family.  This is the most important thing I do in my life.  Praying and being in His Word has transformed ME, and brought me into a sweet communion with Him like I have never known in the 40 some years I have been a believer.

The intimacy and constant conversation He and I share is the greatest joy of my life.
Simple Pleasure........and so much more!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Cheering Mister On!

Now that I am a stay at home wife, I find myself joyfully cheering Mister on.  Without a stressful job of my own, I can invest in his work, encourage him, and even more, concentrate on praying for him in every area of his life.
And we know that prayer transforms us.

What a great segue.  Check out Mister here:

Simple Pleasure Number 27.

Oiling the Soapstone

When we remodeled our kitchen 2 years ago, we got our dream countertop - soapstone. It's very old fashioned.
One can put things straight from the oven or stovetop directly on it. I use it as a cutting board too. (please don't tell)
Very little maintenance is required. I apply oil (we have some that came with it, or you can use mineral oil) 2-3 times a year because I use and clean it so much.

When the oil wiped off and the counter "redecorated" I feel a satisfying sense of accomplishment!

Which means it is now October 26, with it's own Simple Pleasure.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A Visit with My Parents

Yesterday (October 24) was my dad's birthday.  Mom took me, my sister Linda and Dad out for brunch at Cracker Barrel.
Family time.  Simple Pleasure 24.

 The foliage was beautiful, the day glorious.

 These trees across the street make for a beautiful view from Mom and Dad's living room bay window.

After brunch, I came back to my parents' for a little visit. 
One thing about my parents - I never leave them without feeling loved.

And there you have it.  Simple Pleasure Number 25.


Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Spending Time With My Best Friend

Mister is my best friend. We have lots of fun together, as we did on this day.

We were out and about and came upon this fun vintage shop.  One booth had lots and lots of scales.

Irons and vintage linens.

We laughed at this on in a '70's booth.  "Largest Accumulation of He-Man Robust Humor".  Ha!

Chickie calls my mom "Garber".  So I had to get a picture of this sign.
Oh, and both Garber and Chickie LOVE ice cream!

Simple Pleasures, Day 23. Time with my Best Friend.

Monday, October 22, 2012


Thank you all for your concern and especially for your prayers during the past week. Today (Tuesday) I have a doctor's appointment, a follow-up. We'll see if there is a diagnosis. I'm calling it severe gastroenteritis with possible appendix involvement.
Cause? Dunno.

So I joined freecycle ( a few weeks ago.  It was a good way to clear a few things out of the house.  And, boy, did I score!
I picked up 6 (SIX) boxes of canning jars, rings, lids.  Not regular canning jar box-sized boxes.  No, these babies were full of 2 layers each of beautifully packed and clean jars.  (I'll still wash them again before use, of course.)

All these jars and supplies.  All FREE.  There are 2 layers of jars beneath all those rings.
Before they were put away upstairs in the garage.  Yes, the garage that I have yet to give you a tour of.

Look at all these lids!  Still in their original packaging!  Wow.

I just wish canning season wasn't......over.  At least canning season in my frugal world!

Simple Pleasure Number 23. 

Sunday, October 21, 2012

What's New

After 3 doctor visits, a trip to the ER, another trip to the hospital, I am pleased to say that I do believe I am on the mend!  Thank you for your prayers and sweet comments.

The sun is out, I have an excuse to laze about today (doctor's orders)  I am so thankful!

Another bit of news - I joined Pinterest back in the spring, but didn't really get the attraction.
Got hooked on Pinterest last night.  So you know what I'll be doing today while I laze away the day with a blankets, pillows, cups of tea and a laptop!
Have a most blessed Sunday!


Thursday, October 18, 2012

Simple Pleasures, On We Go!

Days 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21 of Simple Pleasures.  A consolidation, of sorts.
I am very thankful today.  I have been having worsening abdominal pain for the last week.  Two trips to the doctor's office, tests at the hospital and a trip to the ER.  Back to the doctor this afternoon.
Some things have been ruled out, but the pain remains and worsens.  Pain meds help some.
So why am I so thankful?  I am surrounded by simple and great pleasures, blessings......

16.  the beauty that surrounds me, watching the season's transition.  It's always there, a tangible reminder of God's faithfulness.
17.  a sweet, strong loving husband who rushed home from his business trip to help me, whose prayer cover has transformed my life, who I can lean on.  God loves me through this wonderful man.
18.  family who is concerned and loving.  My parents came up and sat with me yesterday and took me to the doctor's, brought food, and most of all, loving comfort.
17.  prayers of faithful friends, bloggers, church friends.
18.  being held all night by Mister.  I didn't even mind the snoring! - it just was a reminder of his presence.
19.  my sister who commanded me to ask my parents to come and stay with me yesterday,  and then to talk with her husband, who is a skilled and knowledgeable physician's assistant about what was going on.  He was so helpful!
20.  our cats, who continue to entertain daily, with their poorly thought out shenanigans
21.  The Munkii, our youngest cat, who is snuggling with me right now.  dear little boy!

And there you have it.  Gratitude for so many blessings, all of them evidence of God's faithfulness and extravagant love.

Joining Nesting Place.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Favorite Colors

My favorite colors are yellow and red.  Mister bought me this bowl before we were married. 
It is Homer Laughlin Riviera.  One of my favorite patterns.  Plus, it's yellow!
The peppers were a few of the hundreds and hundreds we harvested this summer.

Simple Pleasure 15.

Nesting Place.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

His Handiwork

Every day I see His handiwork.  So much beauty surrounding us.

I cannot look at the beautiful stripes on a beautiful cat without seeing the work of an Artist. 
Do you know that the fur between each toe on this tabby's feet is black?  That each stripe is matched with
an identical stripe on the other side?
That the tummies have spots? 

Then there is nature.  It's wonderful that the earth can physically sustain us.
But we also have the gift of its beauty.

 And the gift of being able to see, to appreciate the beauty.

And it all glorifies our Creator. 
Our loving, gracious, extravagant Creator.

Our God is good!

Linking with the nester, and this makes Day 14 of Simple Pleasures.
Also celebrating with Charlotte, Spiritual Sundays.


A Simple Provision

Dinner the other night was to be a cheesy ham/potato/carrot casserole affair.  Good comfort food for fall.
Then I realized I didn't have carrots!
Then I realized I DID have carrots.

I headed out to our community garden plot and dug these babies up!  Carrots, in green, white and orange varieties.

I had some left the next night to cook in a little bit of butter.  Yum!

What a great Simple Pleasure.  I planted them in the spring, and have picked them off and on ever since.  Next year I will definitely plant more.

And so it goes.  Day 13 of Simple Pleasures.  Partying with the nester.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

TheTrailing Sunlit Vine

The upstairs porch pots have vines that grow and grrrowww.  I love how they find their way down to the porch below....and the sun hitting them one day was delightful.

Simple Pleasure.  Day 12.  Welcome.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Still Blooming

The gerber daisies moved out back this year, and they really thrived!

They are still going strong.

Yellow is my favorite color.  But I think red is my second favorite.

Every time I look at them, they make me smile.

Simple Pleasure, Day 11 !  Joining The Nester.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012


These are my great, great grandparents, George and Lucy L. White Lothery.

They are my great, great grandparents, because they ADOPTED my great grandmother, Maude, who was born in 1885.

I look at this picture and think of all the old pictures like this that we see hanging in places like The Cracker Barrel.  People's ancestors.

There is no physical family resemblance, I realized, because of the adoption, which just makes for so much more curiosity.  

The picture hangs in the living room, and it always makes me think and wonder when I look at it.

I am grateful to have this tangible family history, and grateful for the kindness of the Lothery's hearts as they took in Maude.

Day 10, Simple Pleasures linking with  with The Nester's 31 Day Challenge.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Sweet Silliness

I read something Powerfully Inspiring online.  It was something I wanted to share with Mister.

"Mister", I said, "Please read this.  Take your time and really read this."

And so he did.  Over my shoulder, aloud, taking his time, being thoughtful, and taking it in...........

..........and speaking with a British accent.  I so appreciated him taking it seriously, but I couldn't look him in the eye because I didn't want to spoil the inspiration by laughter.

A terrific Simple Pleasure.  A sweet husband who knows how to be silly.

And that's Number 9.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

A Visit IRL....Sort of

I love it when bloggers post their picture on their blogs.  It's more personal and feels like I'm really getting to see them.

And then when I hear a voice to go with the picture, or just a voice narrating the video, I love it!!

So this is for all of you who like that sort of thing.  It's a Simple Pleasure of mine.

And that does it for Day 8!

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Because it's True

Day 7.  A Simple Pleasure, but oh! so much more.