Sunday, October 7, 2012

A Visit IRL....Sort of

I love it when bloggers post their picture on their blogs.  It's more personal and feels like I'm really getting to see them.

And then when I hear a voice to go with the picture, or just a voice narrating the video, I love it!!

So this is for all of you who like that sort of thing.  It's a Simple Pleasure of mine.

And that does it for Day 8!


Vee said...

Well hi there, pretty lady. I don't have a webcam. I enjoyed this little glimpse into your world. The only trouble was that it stopped at 1:06 and wouldn't finish out to 1:26. Probably my computer...

Maple Lane said...

You look beautiful and it is great to hear your voice!

Linda O'Connell said...

That was fun. Hi Carol. I was looking at Victorian Homes magazine and thought about your gorgeous home.

Leann said...

Oh Carol this was fab!!! I loved it, but I won't be doing one anytime soon. I wouldn't know how to go about it:(

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Tim and Kristy said...

Fun idea, maybe I'll try it sometime. Computers and I don't always get along and then a 10 min. thing turns into 2 hours. Thanks for posting the video it was fun to see.


momstheword said...

How fun! I loved hearing your voice. You are gorgeous and that hair color.....beautiful!

My son has a webcam on his and once we did a video which we posted to my facebook page. I have never been able to get a video to load in a blog post. It always takes hours and hours and hours and it never loads.

About pedicures, I am ticklish too. I practically kick the woman in the face trying to get away, lol! But they can tell if your ticklish and they really don't HAVE to do the rubbing the bottom of your foot thing.

But they DO have to be able to touch your foot to clip the toe nails, lol! I just bring a book (or a friend) and try and distract myself, haha.

Cheryl said...

It IS fun to see an online friend as she really is! Thanks for sharing with us!

Lorraine said...

I really enjoyed this post and hearing you chat a bit! Great idea :)