Saturday, October 13, 2012

His Handiwork

Every day I see His handiwork.  So much beauty surrounding us.

I cannot look at the beautiful stripes on a beautiful cat without seeing the work of an Artist. 
Do you know that the fur between each toe on this tabby's feet is black?  That each stripe is matched with
an identical stripe on the other side?
That the tummies have spots? 

Then there is nature.  It's wonderful that the earth can physically sustain us.
But we also have the gift of its beauty.

 And the gift of being able to see, to appreciate the beauty.

And it all glorifies our Creator. 
Our loving, gracious, extravagant Creator.

Our God is good!

Linking with the nester, and this makes Day 14 of Simple Pleasures.
Also celebrating with Charlotte, Spiritual Sundays.



Red Couch Recipes said...

It is mind boggling when you really stop to think about all the details in God's creations. Your cats are beautiful, and I didn't know that about tabby cats -- so sweet and precious! Joni

Linda O'Connell said...

I used to have an orange tabby. I am so grateful for the everyday beauty in my life. Nice post.

momstheword said...

We are twins! One of my upcoming posts is about beauty. Nothing fancy though, lol!

yes, I like to clean as I go too but sometimes I just don't and then it's a problem. I can see why having a cat would motivate me, lol! Our dogs can't jump on the counter.

Anonymous said...

I, too, am amazed at the details of our Heavenly Father's creations. I'm so thankful for the gift of sight to take in the sweet sights all around us. Your photos are precious, as always. God bless you and yours. Mildred

Cheryl said...

Such beauty in the details of our marvelous Creator! (Thanks for sharing those details about your pretty tabby!)
Weekend blessings to you...

Susan said...

Beautiful, Carol, and so true. We do hve an extravagant Creator and He is SOOOOO good to us, his children. Praise Him!

Have a beautiful Sunday. Susan

Charlotte said...

Such beauty. We had two cats when I was a teenager and they looked very much like the ones in the first picture. Jumper and Mitzi were their names. It was so very long ago. Thank you for the memory.

Cindy said...

Our God must have a huge imagination! And a great love for beauty. Very nice post, I did not know that about tabby cats.
Hugs, Cindy