Saturday, November 3, 2012

Nuthin', but some Cape May Scenes

I feel like I've got nuthin' to blog about.
Here's a picture of The Mainstay Inn, a Victorian B & B that we stayed at in Cape May, NJ a couple of years ago.
All these pictures are from that trip.

I did post for 31 days last month, does that count for anything?

Mister had a very very busy, stressful week this week. He moved his office and had a Board Meeting and was away overnight. All in the same week.

Speaking of Mister, guess what? He has agreed to grow out his beard. I don't think he has ever done this before.
He doesn't want to do it now. But I asked him to. So he started.....TODAY!
I'm excited.

Our wedding anniversary is 3 days after Christmas. One year when we were budgeting, I asked him to shave his head, rather than leave the very short stubble that he usually keeps, for my anniversary gift.
And he did!
He is so much fun.
And I am so easily entertained.  And I did suggest his current hairstyle years ago, that was basically shaving things down pretty short.  And before that, I convinced him to keep his new goatee.  So I think I know what I'm talking about!

I took a fall this weekend. Landed very hard on my hands and knees, out front. Mister rushed to my side. Chickie was inside, but I guess she heard it, so she rushed and put yoga pants on (backwards, in her hurry) to make sure I was okay.

Isn't that wonderful? I felt very cared for. Chickie and I have this thing that we always check on each other if we think the other fell or got hurt. Quite solicitous that way.

And Mister? Well, he is crazy about me, so he always wants to help me out. I am blessed.

I do have some new pictures to post. But I have to use the other laptop for that. I have 2 laptops, and if you added them together you would get 1 not-so-great computer.

Each laptop has about 10 minutes of battery time. Only one of them can communicate with our printer. Only one of them can upload pictures from my camera.

So I take pictures and load them onto the Compaq, and then sort into blog posts. The Compaq burns my leg (literally leaves marks. Laptop Leg is real) So I don't use that computer much.

The Gateway was resurrected by Chickie after a 2 year sabbatical, for me. Many "plug-ins are out of date", and it can't be updated.

But if you add the 2 together, you get one computer's worth of function.

So now you know my little secret.

And we are still touring Cape May!

Did you know....

...that I am crazy in love with my husband? We are approaching our 11th anniversary and because of God, our marriage is better and stronger than ever. We share an extravagant love, a covenant relationship, God's example to us of His relationship with us and how He loves us.

In recent months I have learned how to truly respect my husband, how to truly be kind to him, how to encourage, support and pray Scripture over him.  I've been transformed and I am amazed.

A very godly woman commented to me on the love she sees in our marriage, and how I "look at him".

It's a process of transformation. It's a purifying of my heart. It's becoming the wife I always dreamed of being.

"I'm crazy for you", he whispers. He looks at me and I smile. He's holding my hand, as usual. Always holding my hand. We even watch TV that way. He loves my smile - it's a gift from God for me to give away, he says. And as I smile, he can't resist. He kisses me.


momstheword said...

Such a sweet post! I loved the pictures too. I think we all get writer's block. I know I do.

When I feel "in the mood" to write I will write a couple of posts. That doesn't mean they're finished. Sometimes I have to flesh them out a bit.

Some posts can take a couple of days to write. Some can take minutes. It just depends.

My hubby had to shave his head bald for a play he was in last year. Totally bald. Never seen him like that before. I prefer hair, lol!

My husband and kids have been cutting their own hair for years.

Last week my son got his first "official haircut" by someone outside the family. It was the first time he'd had someone else cut his hair since he was 2 or 3.

Usually he cuts it himself (using the Flowbee) or my husband or son or even I do it.

Barb said...

Hello Carol...This is a beautiful post. It's lovely to hear about the special love you and your husband have.
I hope you are recovered from your fall.
Hello to Chickie..
God Bless
Barb from Australia

Debbie said...

My computer issues with Della the demon possessed laptop are legendary so I get a little bit of what you have to go through just to blog.

That makes your 31 day adventure even more impressive!

I hope your knees are OK after the fall, and I loved (loved loved) the way you wrote about your husband. I feel the same about mine.

Now I have to go back and look at pictures. I was so busy reading the commentary that I haven't looked at them well yet. LOL

The Quintessential Magpie said...

I loved this post, Carol. LOVED it.

My grandparents got married in their late seventies. My grandmother was widowed from my grandfather, and she married her old high school sweetheart that she threw over for Granddaddy. Anyhow, she used to hold hands with him all the time, and they would sit and watch TV and hold hands and laugh and giggle. It was such a wonderful example of respect and love as was my parents' marriage and my aunt and uncle. I hope mine will be some day, too. I need to be better about reverencing Mr. Magpie. He's a good boy!



Sharing Shadymont said...

Oh Carol,

What a sweet post! My hubby and I will be married eight years in March. We love each other soooooo much! He's such a good man! Like yours, always there to help me with everything. Just my forever love!

I loved your pictures. I hate to fall. It's so humiliating, isn't it? I don't know why we feel that way.

Hope your week is good, and thanks for your earlier visit!

Anonymous said...

Hi Carol, I saw this post come up on my reader but then I could not find the page.
I am so sorry to just be learning of your fall. I hope you are recovering. I know you are thankful to have a loving husband and daughter to check on you so promptly.
Won't be too long before your anniversary. I am so happy that God brought you two together and gave you this special time in your lives.
I enjoyed your lovely photos in this post, too.
John and I will celebrate 20 years soon. My neighbors teased me a few minutes ago that as I drove into the driveway, John got the biggest smile on his face! I teased and said it was because I had groceries!!!!! But, like you two, we just really love each other.
I pray you feel better soon.

ImSoVintage said...

Very sweet post and I loved all of the photos. :)

Leann said...

Carol what a wonderful post. Yes I can feel the love that you have. I feel like you described my own marriage (27years strong). You are truly blessed to have been given this wonderful gift!


Beth said...

The architecture is beautiful, Carol. Glad you had a good time. You mentioned not having anything to blog about - and I thought, how about blogging about your veterinarian practice? Then I read that you are now a stay-at-home mom; retired from the working world. Good for you! Enjoy!

Carol said...

Lovely and sweet post, Carol. The photos are beautiful. I hope Cape May faired okay in the storm.

Carol said...

Just wanted to say thank you for your nice comments on my Laundry room post. I hope I didn't offend you with my comment about our ugly free-standing laundry tub. I didn't like ours, but was grateful to have it for a year before we replaced it.

elizabeth said...

Clicking around blogland while I'm watching the election results. It's giving me a nervous stomach!
I love all of the old homes in your post!

Susan said...

Nov. 6.....Hi Carol. Lovely photos. I'd like to go to Cape May sometime.

Thanks so much for all your visits and comments to my blog! You are always sooooo welcome. Susan

Tim and Kristy said...

Hi Carol,
You are giving me inspiration to keep writing. thank you for your comments on my blog. I love Cape May I went there in the eighth grade with my parents and cousin. I would love to share it with my family someday. Cheers