Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Some Comfort Food, and Why I Love My Husband

I made this soup for the first time last night.  This is a picture of soup, but not the one I made.
'Cause my soup was creamier, soothing and comforting, oh, so delicious!........and Easy.

This might look more like it, but I failed to take pictures.  And it was gone.....that fast!

Elegant Wild Rice Soup.
It was Easy.
It was Delicious.
It got Rave Reviews at our dinner table.

I took the advice offered in the reviews.....
  • used a little less flour
  • used half and half, but only about 3/4 of what called for.  Made it up with a little water.  I think milk would have worked as well, but I was a little low.
  • skipped the almonds
  • added probably more rice.  you are adding it in anyway, so do to your own preference
I would call this the Epitome of Comfort Food.  And on a dreary, damp cold evening, it was most welcome!

And now, let's take a quick trip to Fawn's for her weekly party - 

It's that time again!  And the list continues......

9.    He is a confident man.
10.  He is sold out to Jesus.
11.  He is a generous man, and extravagant in his love for me.
12.  He calls me Baby, Gorgeous, Fabs, Baby Doll.
13.  He thanked me before he left for work this morning.  "For what?", I asked.  "For being so great", he answered.
14.  The first thing he does when we pray together in the morning is thank God for me.
15.  His prayer cover has transformed my life.
16.  He is romantic.

The love of my life, my greatest blessing after Jesus.

Have a wonderful day!


Lois' Laughlines said...

He is definately a keeper! God bless you both.

Susan said...

That was a sweet post, Carol. Your hubs is a true gift in your life and visa versa.

The soup sounded yummy, too. Take care. Susan

Vee said...

You got a good one! And the prayers of a righteous man do amount to a whole lot!

Linda O'Connell said...

Aww, how sweet. Your soup recipe will be put to use!

Sue said...

A blessing for me to read this, I too am so blessed to have a loving and caring man. your dh's smile tells me of his gratitude for such a thankful wife.

Sue said...

OH! I for got to mention the soup, Wild rice soup is one of my favorites, I like it creamier too. Sue

Tim and Kristy said...

Never tried Wild Rice soup, but I think I will add it to next weeks menu plan we all love rice. Your blog looks great! Have a wonderful weekend Carol!

Leann said...

Loved how you closed your post!

The recipe sounds good too:)

Enjoy and stay warm!

Fawn said...

Your man sounds like a dream! And oh my goodness, the soup. Yummers! When my husband and I were traveling recently, we kept meaning to take pictures of the food but would devour it before we had a chance to take a good photo. So all of our pics are of plates of food 5/6 eaten (LOL). Thanks for linking up, Carol! Let's do it again next week :).

Cindy said...

Your soup sounds yummy! Aww, what a sweet man you have. You are blessed.
Hugs, Cindy

Maple Lane said...

You two are perfect for each other.