Wednesday, February 13, 2013

An Interesting Day, and The List Goes On

It's an interesting day today.  Two things are unusual about it.
  • I have no car.  Not today, not tomorrow.  I'm ok with that.
  • I am only having clear fluids and jello in preparation for tomorrow.  A little less ok with that.
So here is what I've been up to!
I'm doing lots of laundry.

Eating jello.  At least it's pretty!
I made granola.  The usual recipe.

Checked out the second round of the Amaryllis blooming.  Here it is 2 days ago.
Had some white grape juice.

Next, I made pumpkin bread.  I've made this for many years, and it is terrific.  The recipe makes 3 loaves.
Ran a loaf down to the in-laws.  Yes.  Ran.  They live behind us, so I don't need a car.

Thought how the Amaryllis is looking rather Valentine-y today.
Is it not?

Started thinking about Valentine's Day and made my own cards.   (I don't have a car today.  Or tomorrow.)
Found some construction paper, printed this free printable from Time Warp Wife, glued it on.
This is so beautiful.  I recommend you check it out!
Obviously the card was created with limited skill, but the words more than make up for that.

I was on a roll, so I made a card for Chickie.
When I was growing up, my Dad always MADE us Valentine's Day cards.  Kind of like this, but he' d write his own verse.

My mom always sang the verse that I wrote on Chickie's card:
  Valentine, Valentine,
  Would you be my Valentine?
  She nodded her head,
  And gaily said,
  "I'll be your Valentine!"
I'll affix this to a big bag of M&M's and give it to Chickie tomorrow.

And since it's Thursday, and Valentine's Day, it would be unconscionable not to continue The List.
32.  He still flirts with me.
33.  My sister reminded me of this and told me she "expected to see it on the list"!.........
 I worked Friday nights for many years.  When I got home, Mister would often have a special dinner from the local farmer's market, a fire in the fireplace, and sometimes a bath drawn with rose petals strewn across it.  He bought a kind of wire tray to lay across the tub that held a candle and a glass of wine.
34.  Our first Valentine's Day, when we were dating - I came out of work that night to find my car full of big red heart helium balloons.  Driving was a bit tricky, but that was ok.  There were red hearts with messages he had written, taped to the dash.  He even taped some hearts to the sign out front of the clinic, next to my name.  I'll always remember it, because no one had ever done anything even remotely like that for me!

I love you, Mister!  With all of my heart.  Happy Valentine's Day!

And Happy Valentine's Day to the rest of us!


Olive said...

That is one romantic man. I can live without a car for a time too because I like staying at home:}

Ann@A Sentimental Life said...

Yes, how romantic. Maybe not having a car made your day turn out different but good!

Susan said...

Oh my, Carol. Your hubs is a VERY romantic man. WOw wow wow You got a winner. Happy Valentine's Day to you both! Susan

Vee said...

Oh he may not be safe, but he's romantic! scheduled THAT on Valentine's Day? What a sweet daughter-in-law you are!

Lorraine said...

You have accomplished lots of sweet, loving projects today! Your Amaryllis is so beautiful!!!

Linda O'Connell said...

Your hubby is a prize! Isn't wonderful to be so compatible and so loved?

Anonymous said...

Best wishes with your procedure. Lovely Valentine's for your sweeties.

Mama G said...

What a wonderful husband you have :-) The flower is stunning, it takes my breath away sometimes - the beauty of nature. I remember my husband and I had a passionflower in our old home, and it was a running joke that all he had to do was turn his head and he'd miss a bloom opening. I remember one day we witnessed it together and it was special.
The pumpkin bread looks lovely too!
Happy Valentine's Day

Janette's Sage/Simply Your Decor said...

Oh I have had...well months and years without a car...and somehow I managed and saw how little I really needed it, it was more of a mind thing.

I love your cards...your joy of hubby and marriage...thanks for always bringing a smile to my face in this area! Keep it up...marriage needs celebrated

Janet said...

I love that amaryllis! Your husband sounds so adorable and romantic. I hope you have a wonderful day. :)

Chenille Cottage said...

Happy Valentine's Day, my sweet friend!
Carolynn xoxo

Cindy said...

WOW! You have one very amazing guy, you are truly blessed.
Your pumpkin bread looks yummy!

Merlesworld said...

Hubby is a rare breed a romantic one, they are very rare and sweet.
Not having a car for some time now you do adjust and it's good to walk and catching the bus or train everywhere can be very social, i meet so many locals on busstops but am often late but everyone understands this.
When it's raining I miss the car.

Debbie said...

I love your romantic husband and the things he does!

Since this post comment is nearly a week overdue, I know that you have had the procedure you mentioned, and I hope that all is well with you.

I've been very AWOL due to that kitchen disaster and a hand injury because of it. I need some of that crazy peace you wrote so well about in another post.

I pray it for you if you're dealing with the after effects of the procedure.

Darcy said...

He sounds so romantic!