Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Extravagance, Grace, and Extravagant Grace

Today I am thinking about extravagance. And grace.
Separately, and together.

"How marvelous the grace that caught my falling soul!"
Unmerited favor.  Infinite, extravagant.

Every day I ask for grace for this day.
And He grants it.
"Every moment is alive with MY glorious Presence, to those whose hearts are intimately connected with Mine."  (Jesus Calling, by Sarah Young)

Every moment.  I call that extravagant.
Look outside.  The lilacs are blooming, the trees are greening.  Today there is more detail in my tiny backyard than I could take in, in a lifetime.  I call that extravagant.

I call it grace, too.  Because it is unmerited.  It delights the Giver to see the joy we receive from Him.

This morning, during my quiet time, He spoke.  "Look at Me; don't look at '------'."  I'm taking my eyes off my concerns and circumstances.  Look at Him.  You know, He's been carrying it all along.  Why be grabbing hold, holding on for dear life, when you can release '-----' into the arms of One who has actually had '------'  all along?!  And there you have your solution!

Be blessed today,


(Currently the charger for the half functional laptop that I load my pictures on isn't working, and the battery only has 10-15 minutes of life.  NOT extravagant.  So I am using old pictures and the other half functioning laptop that cannot be updated or printed from and that cannot communicate with my camera and  which loses online connectivity several times each session.  Thank you for bearing with me!)


Anonymous said...

Happy May Day! I love this time of year and the beauty and warmth of spring. God bless your day, Carol.

Vee said...

May there be a new laptop in your extravagant future, Lord willing! Wonderful post and a terrific reminder. I need them so often...the reminders that I'm not in charge, He is!

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Oh, my sweet friend! I understand this better than you know! Of course, we will bear with you. I'm just glad to hear from you and loved this life lesson from The Lord. He is GOOD.

Love you,


Sarah@Like sunshine in the home said...

Beautiful and so true. Hugs.

Kathy Moreland said...

Bless You! Wonderful post today. Grace for Every Need!

Cheryl said...

Oh thankful for His extravagant, amazing grace!

(I know all too well the computer situation of which you speak! I feel your pain.) :)

elizabeth said...

So sorry for all your computer troubles! I am so impatient if things don't work when and how I want them to.
Thanks so much for your comment on my post about finding God's will and purpose.

Vickie said...

Hi Carol! You're so sweet - thank you so much for your prayers for my sister - they mean SO much to all of us. I Do believe that she is feeling good this week because of all the prayers going up for her! God is good all the time, and His extravagant grace has been lavished on her lately!!! Great post!

Janette's Sage/Simply Your Decor said...

sorry about the computer but the post was beautiful and timely words...thanks for sharing

ImSoVintage said...

What a beautiful month this is. It does seem extravagant in its beauty. Hope you get an extravagant new computer, my friend.

Thistle Cove Farm said...

oh dang...I feel foolish but visiting here, reading your post, reminded me my camera battery is dead as a doornail.
Now, loved your post; my "word" for 2013 is "intentional grace" and it never fails to soothe me.

Linda O'Connell said...

Your posting was such an uplifting message of hope.

Debbie said...

I can't tell you how many times His solution to something grieving my mind has been, "Debbie, look at Me."
It sounds so simple, but the effect is huge if only I will listen.

Barbara Neubeck said...

...Hi Carol ... beautiful post.....thanks for sharing your thoughts....
Barb xx

Leann said...

Loved your thoughts today! Did you change your header shot - love the view of the side of the house!

Enjoy your week Carol!


Tim and Kristy said...

Hi Carol, so well said and thank you for the gentle reminder that I don't have to tackle all the tasks and worries alone. My husband reminded me this is our year to refocus get rid of debt and readjust as my parents moved in about a month ago. Thank you for being a gracious friend. ( Having similar computer problems too.)

Cindy said...

A lovely reminder, Carol, of the goodness of God. Thank you!