Wednesday, August 28, 2013

More Miscellany

Not sure what's happened with my header....will have to address that! Anyway......

The pansies (see "header") were replaced with these ferns a few weeks ago.  I found them at WalMart. They were $5.48 apiece!!!!  Score!

We got a mushroom log last October.  This year we are growing mushrooms!

Shiitake, anyone???

The PeeGee hydrangea is in full bloom.  Always looks bridal to me.  Beautiful.

Late to the party!
The mop heads finished blooming months ago, as you can see in the background.  But then I noticed this bloom.  I'm okay with that!

I can never pull out a volunteer cleome.  So I just moved the geranium pots to accommodate this lovely.

We will be moving Chickie into the dorm tomorrow.  Here's a timely devotional from Jesus Calling that my sister brought to my attention, and it's been blessing many ever since!

Blessings and joy,


Tuesday, August 13, 2013


 It was just a few weeks ago, that the wonderful day lilies were all the rage.

 Out back they lined the stair railing, and they filled the circular garden.

I would rise early, and watch the blooms unfurl.  What a summer delight!

Now the day lilies are finished, and I am startled every time I look at the circular garden, because now it is PINK!  I am now calling these Surprise Lilies, as our dear friend Mildred ( them.  This year I'm liking that name better than Naked Ladies.
It just sounds, well, nicer.  Thank you, Mildred!  (not sure why the link won't display on actual post??)
 Bouquets of Surprise Lilies line the driveway.

 They front the house, too!

The fragrance is heavenly.  A banner year for Naked Ladies  Surprise Lilies!!!

Have a fabulous day,

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Summer Musing

 I'm enjoying summer sunshine on old wood floors, and big windows that let it in.

Found out that raw garlic will BURN your skin after peeling and jarring most of the harvest.

So I left some in the garlic baggie to use from the fridge.  The rest, jarred with a little olive oil, went to the freezer.

The homegrown stuff is POTENT!  (Yay!)  Last night I had to cut a single clove into 4 pieces to get it through the garlic press.  It's wonderful.

 In other news, the zinnia harvest has been booming!  That's the pressure canner manual next to them on the counter.

Because a few years ago, my Mom gifted me with her Harvest Gold pressure canner from back in the day.
Thanks, Mom!

Hope your summer is going well.  I know I've been missing, but I'm here today!