Thursday, September 19, 2013

Around the House......Literally

Out front......

.......and out back!

Have a lovely weekend, as we exit summer and welcome fall!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Note Card Party.....September 2013

I stuck with photos from previous posts.  This set of note cards would have a NARROW market, and are self indulgent, I admit!  I would probably buy them all up, and frame them.  Mister might buy them and send them to me.
I'm calling them "Love o' My Life".

Yes.  This IS framed, on my desk.  We were at a wedding and the sunglasses were looking HOT.
A REAL man can hold a pair of rhinestone studded shoes and carry it off.

He says his favorite thing about me is my smile, but his sure is beautiful....

and he smiles at me....a LOT.

When we went to the Governor's Inaugural Ball a couple of years ago, I starved myself, exercised, you name it, to look good in my dress.  What did Mister do???  He bought a larger vest for his tux, and looked terrific.

No. Fair.

Thank you, Vee for hosting!  And indulging me.


Sunday, September 15, 2013

Lots of News!

First of all,  I've gone back to work!  I am working with a TNR  program (Trap, Neuter, Release), where I spay and neuter feral (wild) cats.  Our foundation's plan is to reduce the feral cat population by 80% in south central PA over by 2022.  We have people that feed feral cat colonies on an ongoing and daily basis, so by providing the cats with good nutrition and preventing more kittens, we are making a big difference in the number of cats suffering very long, miserable, horrible deaths.  Plus the cats lead better healthier lives.  One colony caretaker has a male she has fed for 14 years!

 It still seems like summer, even though the humidity is gone and the temps have temporarily cooled.  We are still soaking up the sun.  Glorious!

 I've learned more about canning this summer, thanks to a Canning Forum on FB.  Lots of good and encouraging people.  That's refreshing!  These are mixed veggies for soups or stews.  On Friday, the garden harvest was a bit of this and a bit of mixed veggies!  Exciting!

 We've got canned rotel tomatoes, squash, green beans on the way to the basement.....

 ....tomatoes, salsa, summer squash, and jellies on a bookshelf........

 ...some pickled jalapenos, 2 kinds of salsa....

...and I'm working on filling up this bookcase as well!  I even shredded summer squash for bread and soups because I've got my freezer full of the same.
I find that canning is highly addictive, delicious, healthy and thrifty!

The season is changing, and I'm savoring every minute.

Wishing each of you a wonderful week!


Sunday, September 1, 2013

Pictures, Links and Few Words

On Friday, Mister and I took a day trip. We started at The Green Dragon ( in Ephrata, PA.  There is a local saying, "If you can't buy it at the Green Dragon, it chust ain't fer sale!"

That's pretty accurate.

It was extremely HOT and humid, and I didn't get pictures.  But there are plenty on the website.

Then we stopped at Lititz, and then on to Bube's Brewery.  (  Bube's is an intact historic 19th century brewery and museum complex, offering fine dining in the Catacombs, Alois, Bottling Works.

We chose the Biergarten.  Best outdoor eating area we've encountered in PA!

Great garden ideas everywhere I looked.

My dining companion was delightful.

See the huge black open oven door?

Clearer shot of oven door.

Gorgeous sunlight-dappled trees overhead!


Levels everywhere added to the ambiance.

(my links work well on my posts.....until I actually post them.  Not sure why, so I have entered them on the draft and then printed them out on the post.  If anyone knows why, lemmeno!  Thanks!)

Wishing you a glorious holiday!