Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The Reveal

So..... A few days later......

after pulling staples and tacking strips.......

sanding and making lots of dust.......

digging out some leftover deck stain.......

and the room has a whole new ambience!

Saturday, December 14, 2013

What's Up

Been busy with working, and lots of other things lately.  But I was so excited, that I thought I would post.

 I'll start off with some eye candy, just to lure you in.  'Cause the rest of the pictures aren't going to be pretty.
The tree's up.

Yesterday I came home from work, and a terrible thing happened to the impractical-much-despised-by-me-cream-colored-wall-to-wall carpet in the family room.  I kept trying to clean it, and then, much to my joy, Mister said I could just get rid of it!  So I did, and had things back in place before he got home from work.

I cut around the Christmas tree!  Um...yeah. I did.
Because this is the addition, there is a subfloor, but no lovely wood floor.

 Do you like the big Oriental rug I picked up one day while shopping the curb?!
We will have it cleaned and some minor repairs done.  It's a lovely thing.

Now I shall pull staples and tack strips at my convenience.  I did pull the staples up under the Oriental rug before laying it there.
A new floor is not in the budget right now, but boy, do I have some great ideas!  I only will do the perimeter of the room, since the rug will cover the center.

Keeping the tools handy so I can keep chipping away.....

I am SO excited!  You really have no idea.

And the other thing is......all week I've been thinking that 52 is the best age yet.

Blessings, dear friends!