Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Gathering the Moments.......April

April is always a busy month for us!
We've LOTS of birthdays!

Dear Chickie turned 22 on the 29th.  The two of us went out for breakfast and she requested a special dinner be made in her honor.  (Steak, sweet potato fries, spinach salad)
Oh, and we can't forget the ice cream cake I made for her!

I made danishes.  This is homemade phyllo dough, people!
It is a long and involved process, but basically cookbook and highly satisfying!
Sometime, I'll share.

Mister celebrated a birthday too!
Happiest man I've ever met.
Had a multitude of other family birthdays, as well.

We started dining with more regularity on the sun porch, now that the weather is warming.

I started digging and working the community garden plot.  Peas, carrots, and beans coming along.  The plot is 25'x50' and you sure can't beat the exercise you get by tilling the whole thing by hand!

Thank you, Cheryl (thinkingabouthome.blogspot.com) for hosting such a great party each month!!!


bj said...

You are so cute with your garden tools....:)
Our birthday month is April, too. Stacy (our Chickie)' her hubby's bd, Mr. Sweet's bd and our anniversary.. If we lived close, we could have a REAL big party....

Cheryl said...

Happy birthday to all of your peeps!! You have had a busy month! And ambitious too...homemade phyllo dough...hand tilling a 25'x30' plot. Impressive!

Thanks for "gathering" with me this month, Carol!

podso said...

Lots of birthday celebrations! I love the porch where you eat … and that is quite a feat to make the phyllo dough! It sounds like a really good month.

Gail @ Faithfulness Farm said...

Happy Birthday wishes -- love your sun porch and reading about your gardening adventures :)


elizabeth said...

You are amazing...homemade phyllo dough and hand tilling that garden! Wow!

Vee said...

Is that child 22? How in the world did that happen already? Good thing you keep us updated. I can almost smell your little sunwarmed sunporch. We used to love eating on ours, too, though it wasn't nearly as cute as yours!

Joanne Mitchell said...

What a cute sun porch! The Danish looks absolutely scrumptious. I've just started working at a CSA garden this year. I come home often looking a bit soil-coated, too!

Melissa Gill said...

Ohh, i would love a sun poarch!
Thanks for sharing your moments!

Olive said...

Your kiddo is growing up fast. Mine too. We are blessed in our families. Have fun with the garden. xo, olive

Sue said...

Wishing both your daughter and husband a belated but Happy Birthday wish!
Loved the photo of you in with your gardening tools.
Happy gardening.

Debbie Koperski said...

That Danish looks way too yummy!!!
what a great sun porch you have, with the sun streaming in to cozy things up as you enjoy your meals.
The photos of you, and your family are wonderful!
Have a happy day,Carol!

Art and Sand said...

I love that you wrote that your husband is "the happiest man you have met". It is wonderful to be surrounded by 'HAPPY'.

Roses, Lace and Brocante said...

Beautiful moments to commit to memory for April Carol.
It's these simple moments of life that are important to us and we all relate to.
Visiting from Cheryls Gathering the Moments.

Maryann said...

Love your sun porch, what a great place to enjoy a meal together. Enjoyed all your April moments. Visiting from Cheryl's Gathering the Moments