Thursday, August 23, 2018

I Want To Be More Like Jim

A couple of years ago, I worked with my neighbors to have their 23 barn cats neutered and vaccinated.  I asked if I could have 2 of the feral (wild) cats for my own for barn cats.

And that's where Jim comes in.  He was a 3 pound totally feral red tabby kitten.  Completely frightened and never having had contact with humans.

I kept him and Finley, a grey cat, confined with food, water and litterbox for a few weeks before letting them out with supervision, so they would know they lived with me now.

Over the past two years Jim and I have grown sooooo close.  He trusts me unconditionally and I am his security and safety.  He wants nothing more than for me to be outside with him.  When he is outside, he comes when I call him, and helps me garden.  He will take walks with me, never leaving my side.  He knows that if I'm not home, he has to be indoors.  He has a very well developed sense of self-preservation and safety.

When I come home from work, he is with me, running through the house excitedly and crying worriedly when I'm in the works, I eventually come out of the shower without drowning, and safely!

So he has gone from not knowing relationship to intimate relationship with the one who rescued him, provides for him, loves him, and who is faithful and trustworthy.  He keeps his attention always fixed on me, where I am, meeting his needs and caring for him.

And that's my life goal with my Lord.  I want to always be in the His Presence.  Oh, the joy of His Presence!  That is the desire of my be with Him, in His will, completely surrendered and recklessly abandoned to Him.  He has never failed me.  His perfect and beautiful nature is unchanging.  He is infinitely faithful.

With my eyes fixed on Him, I can rise above circumstance.  I can rest in Him, trusting every outcome to Him, as I simply do the next thing, whatever that may be....even resting in Him.  I don't have to lean on my own understanding as I look to Him.



Mrs. Mac said...

Lovely correlation playing out in your life!

Mrs. Mac

bj said...

Oh, sweet lady friend of mine...
such a sweet way to get your point across. He is a beautiful cat.
Knowing Mr. Sweet is walking and talking with our Lord fills me with joy, even as I cry my eyes out because I miss him so.

Brenda @ Its A Beautiful Life said...

A beautiful post!

I feel graced for having read it this morning. Thank you.