Thursday, August 23, 2018

I Want To Be More Like Jim

A couple of years ago, I worked with my neighbors to have their 23 barn cats neutered and vaccinated.  I asked if I could have 2 of the feral (wild) cats for my own for barn cats.

And that's where Jim comes in.  He was a 3 pound totally feral red tabby kitten.  Completely frightened and never having had contact with humans.

I kept him and Finley, a grey cat, confined with food, water and litterbox for a few weeks before letting them out with supervision, so they would know they lived with me now.

Over the past two years Jim and I have grown sooooo close.  He trusts me unconditionally and I am his security and safety.  He wants nothing more than for me to be outside with him.  When he is outside, he comes when I call him, and helps me garden.  He will take walks with me, never leaving my side.  He knows that if I'm not home, he has to be indoors.  He has a very well developed sense of self-preservation and safety.

When I come home from work, he is with me, running through the house excitedly and crying worriedly when I'm in the works, I eventually come out of the shower without drowning, and safely!

So he has gone from not knowing relationship to intimate relationship with the one who rescued him, provides for him, loves him, and who is faithful and trustworthy.  He keeps his attention always fixed on me, where I am, meeting his needs and caring for him.

And that's my life goal with my Lord.  I want to always be in the His Presence.  Oh, the joy of His Presence!  That is the desire of my be with Him, in His will, completely surrendered and recklessly abandoned to Him.  He has never failed me.  His perfect and beautiful nature is unchanging.  He is infinitely faithful.

With my eyes fixed on Him, I can rise above circumstance.  I can rest in Him, trusting every outcome to Him, as I simply do the next thing, whatever that may be....even resting in Him.  I don't have to lean on my own understanding as I look to Him.


Tuesday, August 7, 2018

A Most Spectacular Gift

The other morning during my quiet time, I noticed movement on the other side of the screen door.  I walked over to investigate, and lo, and behold......

A darling baby kitten!!!!
Only 2 pounds!
He enjoyed the meal I fed him and quickly learned to play with a toy.
He'd never seen a toy before.


I, on the other hand, quickly became completely smitten.

Oh my goodness!
I just can't...... *thud*

I took him to work and treated his ear mites and dewormed and vaccinated him after running his first feline leukemia/FIV test. 
I will repeat in 4 weeks.

Next, I took him to my parents' home and gave him to them.  
Things seem to be working out beautifully.

What a beautiful gift to start the day.  I've always dreamed of finding a kitten, and this one found me.
Thank you, Lord, for letting me rescue and help this baby kitten.


Sunday, August 5, 2018

Sunday God-glory

Sun breaking through a morning fog is always breathtaking.

Fog caught in perfect spiderwebs is miraculous.

Sunshine-y Black-eyed Susans are glorious.

Storing up all these graces and blessings is transformative.

Be blessed today.


Monday, July 30, 2018

How We Got Here

For years, I blogged happily from Our Sears Kit Home.  It was my dream home, the history of it, the age of it, the beauty.  Mister and I (over)improved to our hearts' content, because we had no plan of ever leaving.

Since we were never leaving, we decided to look for a little getaway-a cabin-to buy.  With our own home-away-from-home, we could pack up the cats and trundle away with them.  It would be close enough that I could commute to work if we were staying there.

So we began to look.  Lots of cabins, many without plumbing (no, thank you!), some in absolutely deplorable condition.  I picked up a rip-roaring case of poison ivy at one place.

Next, we saw a lovely farmhouse up for auction. Sure, it needed some help, but what a lovely setting!  I had to work on the day of the auction so Mister attended and our lowball bid was outbid.

I felt so restless.  Here I was, in my beautiful kit home, missing all of it because I was continually looking to other places.  I realized that I didn't want TWO homes, just one.  So if we found a retreat, why not just go ALL IN?  Not have to pack up to come or go, shut whichever place up we were leaving, open the place up where we were going?  "Enough!", I said.

But then it happened......
I look at Zillow every day.  And have for 10-15 years.  Can't help it.  Houses fascinate me.  I even have a Zillow account.
Mister looks at links I send him, but otherwise doesn't visit Zillow.
So why did Mister get an email from Zillow???  (I never have.)
Why was our farmhouse featured on Mister's email? (No idea.)

He forwarded the email.  "What do you think?", he asked.
"I LOVE it!", I exclaimed.

And that's how we found Covenant Farm.

We had not planned to move.  We never made a move without releasing all to the Lord first.  This was God's plan, not ours.  He put us here and He orchestrated every step.  He has blessed us above and beyond anything we could ever imagine here.

There is so much more to the story that will be shared in future posts.


Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Selling Our Home

Yes, our 1909 Harris J-6 is up for sale. 

We have bought an old brick farmhouse with a few acres.  I may consider starting a new blog, and if I do, it will be named after our new home.......

Covenant Farm!


Saturday, June 28, 2014

Sun Porch Restoration

Mister did it himself, including the painted design on the floor. 
All the paint is exterior paint because this porch is not heated.
He also rediscovered the original brass hardware.
No surface was left untouched.



Tuesday, May 27, 2014


It is slowly morphing into Summer around here.  

Mister took a Tbird for a TEST DRIVE.
NOT buying it.
A. Test. Drive.

Chickie and I went for ice cream.  This was not the only time.  Ahem.

The clouds were so gorgeous on an evening drive.  (Ice cream was included this evening, too.)

Their pure white light transfixed me.

A petunia is extravagantly blooming in the teacup planter.

What sightings have YOU seen??